How to clean your leather goods:

You may take your bag everywhere, so eventually it will need some cleaning. Don’t worry about scrubbing away the memories–those are there to stay!

  • Gather supplies: you’ll need warm water, a sponge or towel, and mild soap.
  • Empty your items: remove everything from your products. Don’t forget to check all the pockets!
  • Wipe it down: wipe down the inside and outside of your bag by using mild soap, warm water, and sponge.
  • Let it dry: leave your products to air out in a dry space. If there is a zipper, make sure it is open!

Maintenance method:

1. Clean the dirty surface in time

Whether it is a leather bag or a belt, it will be stained with dirt and dust as long as it is used. Therefore, it must be cleaned every day after use, so as to avoid some dirt staying on the leather for a long time and making it more difficult to clean the leather. When cleaning the surface, you can use white vinegar mixed with water, and then dip the cloth on the leather to wipe off dirt and dust. If the dirt is serious and there is no proper detergent around, please send it to a professional organization for maintenance immediately.

2. Choose the right leather oil

For leather products, you can choose natural animal oil, such as mink oil or salmon nourishing oil, which can help maintain the leather. Different brands of animal oil have different absorption and ductility. For example, mink oil is cheap and easy to use, but it is difficult to push evenly, and the absorption effect is poor. In addition, it is not recommended to select leather oil containing wax. Although it will be glossy when applied, too much wax will affect the air permeability and shorten the life of leather.

3. Small wear can be repaired naturally

If there are some small scratches on the leather, at this time, you can gently and slowly wipe with your finger, palm or cotton cloth, dip a little leather oil, and push along the scratches to eliminate the small scratches.

4. Appropriate collection

After careful maintenance, the collection should also be appropriate. The leather should not be placed in a place that is too wet or too hot. The direct sunlight should also be avoided. Too wet will make the leather moldy, and long-term exposure will make the leather dry and crack. Therefore, the leather should be placed in a ventilated and cool place as far as possible.
Remember: when cleaning leather goods, clean them with soft cotton cloth and leather wax, so as not to damage the leather surface. Do not put any leather goods directly in water for cleaning.

Care tips:

1. If the leather products are dirty, they can be wiped with a clean cloth dipped in protein solution, which can not only remove the pollution but also make the leather shiny.

2. If the leather products are stained, it is best to gently wipe them with cloth or soft bristle brush, then apply a layer of Vaseline, and then repeatedly wipe them with soft cloth. Finally, apply oil of the same color, and then brush a layer of soft bristle, which can be as bright as new.

3. When the black leather bag is worn and faded and the white bottom layer is exposed, the egg white can be soaked in ink in the inkstone, soaked in the egg white ink with a brush and repeatedly coated on the surface of the bag to grind into juice. The faded parts and small cracks shall be coated with an additional layer, then placed in a ventilated place for drying, and finally coated with oil and gently wiped with a brush.

4. The way to protect the bag is to soak less water and rub more oil. Before storage, it is best to apply vegetable oil to prevent the leather from drying and wrinkling. At the same time, the old newspapers will be chopped and bagged to prevent deformation. Finally, store the bag in a dry place.

5. Banana skin contains tannin, which can be used to wipe bags and wallets. It can remove the oil on the skin and make the skin clean as new.

6. Don't throw away the leftover milk or expired milk. Use it to wipe the leather products to prevent the leather from cracking.

7. Use old silk stockings or old nylon stockings, dip in oil to wipe leather bags or shoes, and you can wipe them very bright.

8. If the white bag or wallet is dirty, it can be wiped with vinegar first, then with dry cloth, and then with white oil. The effect is particularly good.

9. If the leather bag is not rubbed with oil for a long time, the oil will be lost and the leather will become hard. At this time, apply a layer of Vaseline and rub another layer of oil after absorption, and the leather surface will become soft.

10. If there are wrinkles or cracks in the bag, you can apply some egg white first and then oil. If there are large wrinkles, the cracks can be filled with paraffin. Press with an iron.